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Stop HIV Iowa Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan (2022-2026)

Stop HIV Iowa Plan

The Stop HIV Iowa Plan that follows represents the work and ideas of more than 3,000 Iowans on how to stop transmission of HIV in Iowa and how to ensure the best health outcomes for the 3,430 Iowans estimated to be living with HIV in the state.

Iowa may be the best-positioned state in the nation to achieve the goals set forth in the National HIV/AIDS Strategy—that is, a 75% reduction in new diagnoses by 2025 and a 90% reduction by 2030. In 2020, Iowa led the nation in the proportion of people diagnosed with HIV who had achieved viral suppression, with 80% achieving that goal. In 2021, this had increased to 82%. People who have suppressed the amount of HIV in their bodies to undetectable levels do not transmit HIV to their partners. They also achieve their best health outcomes.

Stop HIV Iowa Integrate Plan_cover

Click the image of the plan, above, to open a PDF of the document.

Vision and Goals

Our vision is to make Iowa a place where transmission of HIV is prevented, where everyone knows their HIV status, and where everyone living with HIV is valued and respected, has high-quality care and treatment, and lives free from stigma and discrimination.

To accomplish this vision, the Stop HIV Iowa Plan outlines a strategic plan with four overarching goals:

  • Preventing new HIV infections

  • Improving health-related outcomes for people living with HIV 

  • Reducing HIV-related disparities and health inequities

  • Achieving integrated, coordinated efforts that address the HIV epidemic among all interested parties. 

The third goal deserves special emphasis. Black and Latino gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men are experiencing stark health disparities related to HIV that will require a concerted focus to reverse. To do this, we must remove systemic barriers that affect the most affected communities in Iowa, including Black, Latino, and Indigenous people, people who use drugs, people born outside of the US, and youth.​

Our Next Steps

During 2023, an implementation plan will be developed to specify the action steps and responsible parties for achieving these goals and objectives. 

The Stop HIV Iowa Plan is meant to be a living document, and feedback is welcomed! Let us know where we are succeeding, and where we can improve.

Ways to Share Your Feedback

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