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Stop HIV Iowa Draft Plan

We need your help to finalize the plan to stop HIV in Iowa! 

We asked more than 3,000 people to help us identify what it would take to stop HIV in Iowa. Their responses to our questions helped create the draft strategies listed below. 


Now we want to gather even more input and to hear your thoughts: 

  • Which strategies will work and which might not be as effective?

  • Which strategies don’t go far enough or which might be too ambitious? 

  • What additional ideas should be included?

This plan belongs to all of us. Help us shape our goals, prioritize the work, and direct the resources to where it matters most.

Ways to Share Your Feedback

Draft plan icon

Read the full Stop HIV Iowa Draft Plan. When you are finished, click the "Comment on the Draft Plan" button below to share your questions, comments, or concerns. This document is also suitable for printing!

Feedback form icon.png

Do you have a lot to say about the Stop HIV Iowa Draft Plan? If so, use our Google Form to share your thoughts!


The draft objectives and strategies are included in the form, so you can refer to them easily. There is optional space for feedback at the end of each goal.

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Have a Conversation

Would you prefer to share your thoughts about the Stop HIV Iowa Draft Plan in real time?

If so, you can schedule coffee or speak directly with one of our focus area co-chairs! Fill out our short request form to set something up.

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